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Large Inventory of Electric Motors for Hamilton

At Electric Motor Service, you’ll find everything you need in our large inventory of quality electric motors in Hamilton. Because we have these parts already in stock, you’ll experience a quick turnaround when you come in for service. Rest assured that after 85 years in business, we know electric motors.


Danfoss VFD Authorized Service Centre

Electric Motor Service is an authorized Danfoss Repair Center for Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).


Large Hoist and Transport Bay

Moreover, Electric Motor Service has a large hoist available with the capacity to lift up to 3 tonnes. Our shop features a good-sized transport bay, which gives easy access to large transports and oversized vehicles.


We Pay Attention

Electric Motor Service technicians are all factory-trained and have the expertise and experience to solve your problem. We’ll try to answer any question you have about your motor – we value each customer. Call us with any electric motor needs you have.


Large Inventory Of Electric Motors

At Electric Motor Service, we have a large inventory of quality electric motors in Hamilton.  Since we have these already in stock, you'll experience a quick turnaround when you come in for service.  Rest assured that after 85 years in business, we know electric motors.

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Highly Comprehensive Services

Our team of experts at Electric Motor Service offers a wide range of comprehensive electrical services.

Electrical Motor Services -


We repair all commercial and industrial electric motors


Costs less than replacing it and is environmentally friendly


Motor failures are inevitable, and we can rebuild electric motors of all sizes.


Depending on the age of the motor, how many hours it has been worked, and the cause of the problem, it may be time to replace the motor altogether when all else fails.

Commercial/ Industrial Pump Services and Repairs

Laser alignment for electric pumps, motor pumps, submersible pumps, water pumps, well pumps, heating pump, HVAC pump.

Laser Shaft Alignment 

This is recommended for almost every industry to enable machine uptime. Shaft alignment is important in the setup of new or repaired pumps or gearboxes. The optimal alignment will ensure increased uptime and lower maintenance costs down the road. Electric Motor Service has all the necessary laser shaft alignment tools and equipment to get any size job completed.

Dynamic Balancing: Reduces structural stress, lowers energy costs as well as extends bearings live.

Vibration Analysis 

Aims to reduce maintenance cost and equipment downtime.

Pump Repairs and Sales 

A convenient one-stop-shop for all your pump needs.

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As a Canadian Standards Association approved shop for explosion-proof motors, we specialize in the following services, such as:

  • In-house rewinding and repairs
  • Drives and starters
  • Belts / pulleys / fans / gear motors
  • Large inventory of HVAC motors
  • Pool pump motors 2/3 electricity
  • Electrically commutated motors

All the Right Equipment

Bring your faulty electric motor or pump into Electric Motor Service. We have the equipment to handle it (such as a large hoist and transport bay), and we can make any needed repairs quickly.

We offer sales and services as well as in-house rewinding and repairs on:

  • 1/30 to 500 HP AC & DC motors
  • Single and three-phase motors, variable speed drives, gear motors
  • Contactors and motor starters
  • Industrial and submersible pump repairs
  • Swimming pool and spa pump repairs
  • On-site surge testing

More Electric Services

Our electric motor experts can also help with:

  • Electric motor expertise
  • Boiler motors
  • Commercial motor pumps
  • Commercial refrigeration motors
  • Electric motor sales
  • Motor rewinding
  • Furnace motors
  • Industrial motors/supplies
  • Motor parts/motor service
  • Motors for walk-in coolers
  • Motors for commercial refrigeration
  • Pump motors
  • Swimming pool pumps
  • Water well pumps motors


We’ll Listen to You

Our shop is known for paying close attention to your description of the problem. When you come into Electric Motor Service, you know we’ll listen and solve your problem promptly. In fact, if it’s an emergency, we’ll rush your repairs

New motor
Motor parts

Electric Motors Services

Whatever service you need for your electric motor, we have the expertise to provide.

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